About Our Freelance Rates Explorer

When it comes to hiring freelance developers, it’s essential to know how much you should expect to pay them to avoid paying too much or offering too little. Getting familiar with what different types of developers typically charge per hour will help set your expectations, and put you one step closer to hiring the right freelancer.

We’ve previously studied how much freelance developers cost around the world, and this time around, we wanted to narrow in on specific types of developers (e.g. back-end) and developers of certain tech stacks (e.g. JavaScript) to provide more comprehensive data about their freelance rates across different locations and experience levels. This data is based on the hourly rates of over 9,000 vetted freelance developers on the Codementor platform.

What do senior JavaScript developers typically charge in North America compared to ones in Eastern Europe? We made our tool to help you answer questions like this.

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