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Stay up-to-date on the latest insights and opinions from thought leaders and blockchain engineers within the world of cryptocurrency with these blockchain podcasts. Listen to what they have to say about current trends as well as the future of blockchain and decentralization.

Blockchain Podcasts

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Laura Shin, an independent journalist covering all things crypto, talks with industry pioneers about how blockchain and cryptocurrency will affect us.


Epicenter is a weekly podcast that interviews the brightest minds working on decentralized technologies, from entrepreurs to academics to influencers.


BlockChannel, is a crypto show dedicated to educating the world on the power of blockchain-based technologies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ZCash.

Tales from the Crypt

Tales from the Crypt is a Bitcoin podcast hosted by Marty Bent, who sits down to discuss Bitcoin with interesting people.

Blockchain Innovation

This podcast covers how the brightest minds in Blockchain are pushing the envelope with ICOs, public and private blockchains, smart contracts, and more.

a16z Podcast

Andreesseen Horowitz's a16z Podcast covers trends in tech and topics related to cryptocurrency and decentralization.

The Bad Crypto Podcast

Technologists and crypto-enthusiasts, Joel and Travis, attempt to demystify the world of Bitcoin, blockchain, Ethereum, ICOs, and more in this podcast.

Let's Talk Bitcoin

For intelligent conversation and insightful Bitcoin commentary, listen to Let's Talk Bitcoin's bi-monthly podcast.

#Serious FOMO

For a weekly cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge bite, be sure to tune into the Serious FOMO podcast, with host Ravinder Deol.


The Cryptoknights podcast, hosted by Dr. Kanth Miriyala, covers many aspects of the crypto world by inviting Blockchain thought leaders to share their thoughts.

The Third Web

The Third Web is a podcast about the technologies powering the next generation of human civilization.

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Ramon Recuero

Ramon Recuero

Hacker at Y Combinator. Was a Software Architect at Moz and Senior Engineer at Zynga.

Aaron Hanson

Aaron Hanson

Bitcoin developer with 18+ years experience writing quality software and reviewing code.

Laszlo L. Mari

Laszlo L. Mari

Working on blockchain solutions and blockchain consulting. Solidity developer.


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Blockchain developer and educator

Nikola Madjarevic

Blockchain engineer / Software engineer