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Blockchain Influencers to Follow

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Vitalik Buterin

Co-creator and inventor of Ethereum

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Popular blockchain educator and evangelist

Balaji S. Srinivasan

Co-founder of and CTO of Coinbase

Nick Szabo

Blockchain, crypto, and smart contracts pioneer

Jimmy Song

Blockchain educator, developer, and entrepreneur

Naval Ravikant

CEO and Co-founder of AngelList. Deep thinker

Elizabeth Stark

CEO of Lightning Labs. Taught at Stanford and Yale

Jameson Lopp

Software & BitGo engineer. Created

Fred Ehrsam

Co-founder of Coinbase

Vlad Zamfir

Head of research for Ethereum

Joseph Poon

Founder of Bitcoin's Lightning Network

Zooko Wilcox

Zcash Founder and CEO

Meltem Demirors

CSO of CoinShares. Interviews women in Blockchain

Chris Burniske

Author of Cryptoassets & Partner at Placeholder VC

Ari Paul

CIO of Blocktower Capital

Kyle Samani

Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital

Arvind Narayanan

Princeton professor. Crypto & blockchains tweets

Vinny Lingham

Co-founder & CEO of

Neeraj K. Agrawal

Director of Communications for Coin Center

Charlie Lee

Litecoin creator. Previously at Coinbase

Peter Todd

Cryptography Consultant & Bitcoin Core Developer

Emin Gün Sirer

Professor at Cornell. Blockchains & Bitcoin tweets

Matt Corallo

Bitcoin developer working on open source projects

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Top Blockchain Developers and Experts

Ramon Recuero

Ramon Recuero

Hacker at Y Combinator. Was a Software Architect at Moz and Senior Engineer at Zynga.

Aaron Hanson

Aaron Hanson

Bitcoin developer with 18+ years experience writing quality software and reviewing code.

Laszlo L. Mari

Laszlo L. Mari

Working on blockchain solutions and blockchain consulting. Solidity developer.


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Drew Taylor

Senior blockchain developer

Bruno Škvorc

Blockchain developer and educator

Nikola Madjarevic

Blockchain engineer / Software engineer