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See how blockchains work with our curated collection of blockchain video tutorials. These videos cover introductory topics on Ethereum, how to build a blockchain, how to build your own DApp, and more.

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Blockchain 101 - A Visual Demo

This is a very basic visual introduction to the concepts behind a blockchain. It introduces the idea of an immutable ledger using an interactive web demo.


Ever Wonder How Bitcoin (and Other Cryptocurrencies) Actually Work?

Ever wonder how Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) actually work? This video explains Bitcoin from the viewpoint of inventing your own cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin History: From the Cypherpunk Movement to JPMorgan Chase

In only 42 minutes, lecturers Andrew Tu and Max Fang from UC Berkeley take you through Bitcoin's history, from the Cypherpunk Movement to JPMorgan Chase.


Ethereum in 25 Minutes, Version MMXVII

What are all of the different moving parts of the Ethereum blockchain? Here, Vitalik Buterin gives a 25-minute technical overview of the Ethereum blockchain.


Ethereum Explained

Learn how to build a decentralized ticket service using Ethereum, the 2nd biggest cryptocurrency in market cap behind Bitcoin, and IPFS. Let's get started!


Let's Build a Blockchain! — A Mini-Cryptocurrency in Ruby

Ever wondered how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum work? Learn how to build one by watching Haseeb while he builds a blockchain from scratch in Ruby.


Building a Blockchain in Under 15 Minutes - Programmer Explains

A programmer explains how to build a blockchain in under 15 minutes, because the concept behind almost all modern cryptocurrencies is very simple at its core.


Creating a Blockchain with JavaScript (Blockchain, part 1)

Learn how to write your own Blockchain with simple JavaScript. It's not a complete implementation, but you'll understand immutability and how blockchains work.


Python Tutorial for Beginners - Learn Python by Building a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Python is important and popular in web development, data science, and machine learning. Learn how to write Python by building a blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Learning Solidity: Tutorial 1 The Basics

New to blockchain development? Learn the basics of Solidity by watching What's Solidity's video tutorial.

Learn Solidity

A Guide to Building Your First Decentralized Application

Web 3.0 is here! In this video, Siraj shows you how we can use blockchains, distributed hash tables, and P2P protocols to create decentralized applications.

Build a DApp

How to Build Ethereum DApp (Decentralized Application Development Tutorial)

Learn how to build Ethereum DApps with DApp University. In this video, learn about smoke tests, listing candidates, casting votes, and watching events.

Build a DApp

Build a DApp in 20 Minutes

Learn how to build a DApp in 20 minutes! DApp University walks you through how to build a DApp, in only, you guessed it, 20 minutes.

Build a DApp

Ethereum DApp with ReactJS, Webpack, Web3 & Truffle

Learn how to build an Ethereum DApp with ReactJS, Webpack, Web3, and Truffle with DApp Univeristy's video tutorial.

Build a DApp

IPFS - Simply Explained

In IPFS - Simply Explained, Savjee looks at how IPFS works, how it can solve issues like censorship, and if IPFS would really work across multiple planets!


IPFS Alpha Demo

Juan Benet walks you through an overview and demo of the go-IPFS alpha in his IPFS Alpha Demo video.


IPFS Alpha | Why We Must Distribute The Web

In this video, Juan Benet discusses IPFS Alpha and makes a case for why we must distribute the Web.


Build a Fully Decentralized Application with IPFS - Ethereum DApp Programming Tutorial

DApp University walks you through how to build a fully decentralized application with IPFS in their Ethereum DApp programming tutorial video.


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