What is Blockchain

Blockchain is a public list of records that is distributed, consistent, and irreversible. Since these records are distributed, there isn’t a sole person or entity that controls the information on the blockchain. It’s immutable and records are consistent across all nodes in the system.

Blockchain Basics

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The Token Effect

This post on Y Combinator's blog introduces what Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICOs, and tokens are and covers why cryptocurrencies have become popular.

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What is Blockchain Technology?

If you're not sure about what blockchain is or how it works, this post uses Wikipedia as a metaphor to explain blockchain technology.

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Why Decentralization Matters

With well over 50,000 claps, Chris Dixon dives into the importance of decentralization and what problems it aims to solve.

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Why Blockchain is Hard

Jimmy Song goes briefly into what a blockchain is, then devles into what the challenges are when developing on decentralized systems.

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Why Blockchain Alone Can’t Fix Facebook

Blockchain, by itself, won't solve everything. "While blockchain is great... it fails in privacy" — this post goes into how privacy concerns can be mitigated.

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The Blockchain Application Stack

Joel shares his thoughts on how blockchain will affect the architecture of internet applications in the future and how that would look.

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The Shared Data Layer of the Blockchain Application Stack

In a follow-up post, Joel explains how data is stored and secured on the blockchain, concerns that have arisen, and how overlay networks address these issues.

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Blockchain Tokens and the Dawn of the Decentralized Business Model

Are blockchain tokens only a way to raise capital? Fred Ehrsam, Co-founder of Coinbase, says it is decentralized business fueled by technology.

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How Does Ethereum Work, Anyway?

Preethi, a Blockchain Engineer, goes into great detail about what Ethereum is. This post covers important Ethereum concepts like gas, proof of work, and more.

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Ethereum Will Be the Backbone of the New Internet

Is Ethereum the foundation of Web 3.0? Loom Network explains why it is and why they decided to build on Ethereum instead of other blockchains.

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Ethereum ERC20 Tokens Explained

A short and straightforward post about what ERC20-compliant tokens are and their impact on ICOs.

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Why Tokens are Eating the World

A primer on cryptocurrencies in the context of fiat currencies and how these markets work. An essential read for those who want to better understand tokens!

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Stablecoins: Designing a Price-stable Cryptocurrency

Stabilizing cryptocurrencies: why do it, the pros and cons of different approaches, and pondering a future with stablecoins.

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Money, Blockchains, and Social Scalability

Nick Szabo on Bitcoin & social scalability — making en-mass cognitive processing trivial and trustworthy via group structure, organization, and participation.

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Building for the Blockchain

Once you understand what blockchain is and how Ethereum works, here's how blockchain is different from existing development paradigms and how to get started.

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